Finding good employees and guards who work efficiently is sometimes a mess, since you have no idea whether or not to trust them, and then there is the issue of having a good team that protects the security and surveillance in your company. I have known of equipment that with the rain or the weather has been damaged, and surveillance systems very badly programmed and ported for it, it is a priority to find good security equipment suppliers that provides us with the comities with a lot of quality in terms of equipment being hardare or software for the application of surveillance and security.

Equipment such as CCTV surveillance cameras, NVR, mobile surveillance equipment, network cabling, network installation tools, network server cabinets, IT hardware, software and other systems installation products ... By good distributors , from very good brands HP, Microsoft, Dell, Planet, Intel, Raidmax, ATX, Genius that provide us with computers, PC peripherals, PC accessories, monitors, speakers, cases, Cattex cables, genius products, graphics cards, hard drives , HDMI accessories, memory, motherboards, NAS devices, optical drives, power supplies, processors and visual displays, good security that offers us quality surveillance